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The Hannah Arendt Institute – Ethical and Political Spaces Team is consistently on the lookout for new problems that come to light, primarily “problems of society.”  This focus mainly concerns the ideas of the contemporary world, and our two disciplinary sectors (Political Science and Philosophy) work alongside this fundamental point.


The Institute is also engaged in a research project entitled Rebellious Europe which deals with important Political debates in Europe.


Finally, the Institute is proud to welcome numerous PhD candidates in Political Science and Philosophy.  See the list.


Political Science Research Themes

Broad political themes (democracy, Republic, community, etc.);

- Themes specifically dealing with European issues, often linked to the problems of the European Union (subsidiarity, federalism, nationalism, regionalism, borders, expansion, etc.). We also work with foreign Universities and Institutions with which we have maintained active relationships over the years, and who permit us to organize cooperative conferences and to publish collective works (Poland, Romania, Hungary, etc.)

General political themes, dealing with our international relations (globalization, Alter-Globalization or the Global Justice Movement, universalism, etc.)

Political Philosophy Research Themes

- Medical ethics ;

- New problems that appear due to the rapid progress of technoscience as applied to man ;

- The recurring question regarding the status of modern medicine ;

- Problems dealing with the medically-assisted generation of life (gene donors, prenatal testing, cloning) ;

- The problems facing the elder community (assisted-living, end-of-life care, palliative care, euthanasia)

Though some of these themes may at times appear to be commonplace, further reflection reveals that a careful meditation of all of them is critical to a well-rounded study.  We aim to attack them from a phenomenological and epistemological approach, using a well-grounded, historical and philosophical basis. In this way, and in this way only, can an authentic ethical analysis arise.  


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